Used Car Auctions – How to Avoid Costly Mistakes Buying a Vehicle at Auction

Used car auctions can be a fabulous way to get the vehicle you have wanted at a great price. Unfortunately, there are many buying pitfalls that can accompany auction bidders if they are not careful. Below you will see some of the most costly mistakes you can make when bidding at a car auction.Purchasing an auto at a used car auction can save you loads of money provided you prepare well and follow just a few small guidelines to ensure a smooth transaction. Read on for a few solid tips to ensuring you obtain the car you want at a reasonable price when purchasing through a used car auction.

One of the top things to remember is that not all vehicle auctions are the same. Some deal primarily in selling previously leased vehicles, repossessions, and government seized autos. While other auctions sell a broad range of items including cars. It is important to know the type you are attending and focus on those that deal primarily in selling used cars.

Some auctions are reserved for those with a dealership license to place a bid on a vehicle. You will most probably want to find a public used car auction that allows anyone to walk in and place a bid on a used car. It is also a great idea to familiarize yourself with the terms of the auction before the bidding starts. Examine the vehicles before the selling begins if possible. Doing your research on the make, model, condition and researching its going market value is a good plan to ensure you make a wise bid.

Checking out the auctions payment options is helpful to ensure you will be able to have the proper method of payment available to you. Many first time buyers believe that all auctions accept the same forms of payment. In many cases certified checks, cash and credit are accepted, but it pays to make sure ahead of time.

Speaking with an auction representative before the bidding starts is a good strategy to avoid problems later on. A company representative can tell you in the vehicle you are bidding on comes with proper documentation. This information will be invaluable when registering it with the Department of Motor Vehicles at a later date.

The best and cheapest way to get a vehicle from auction is with government auctions. These are either seized vehicles or vehicles that are being replaced with new ones by the government. This means that you can get a vehicle for very cheap because they do not advertise these auctions to everybody, and they are harder to find. Plus there is such a large number of vehicles going up for sale that the competition is just not as high.